Treatment Programmes


General Therapies

Abhiyanga – Oil massage

Udwarthanam – Powder massage

Sirodhara – Pouring luke warm medicated oil or medicated milk or medicated buttermilk along the forehead in a special pattern.

Vasthi – Stagnated Medicated warm oil over painful part of the body within herbal paste boundary.

Lepanam – Application of medicinal paste on different part or whole body.

Snehapanam - Internal administration of oily medicine.

Tharpanam - Stagnated liquid medicine in the eyes in a herbal paste boundary.

Anjanam / Aschothanam - To clean the eyes.

Fomentation Therapies

  • Pizhichil – Pouring medicated warm oil on the body in a special way.
  • Kizhi – Application of cloth bag fitted with herbal medicines dipped in oil milk/medicated water etc.
  • Dhanyamla Dhara – Pouring warm medicated water out of rice, bam etc.
  • Naleeswedam – Sweating done by applying steam from medicated water coming through tube.
  • Bashpaswedan – Steam bath, sweating down by sitting in steam box.

Panchakarma Therapies

Comprises of 5 therapies to eliminate the vitiated content ortoxins from the body. It is called ’Sodhana’ or purification therapy.

All these processes are accompanied with preparatory and post care processes which includes the various treatment programmes.
All of them are to be administered according to the person who wants to be cured or rejuvenated or immunized.

For additional information and pricing for the programmes above contact me at [email protected] or see the general pricing under the treatments tab.

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