Ayurveda About Carrots

Ayurveda about Carrots

It is famous for it’s vitamin A content. Carrot is a blood purifier and revitaliser and thus, through the blood, maintaining the acid-alkali balance, carrot is a nourishing food for the entire economy. Carrot contains plenty of Phosphorus, a good bit of calcium, Iron, Vitamin C and small amounts of B Complex. Carrot should not be scraped of it’s skin with a knife, because the minerals are just close to the skin and therefore it should just be thoroughly washed, perhaps in a basin of water, mixed with a few crystals of potassium permanganate.
Chewing a raw carrot prevents tooth decay and spongy gums. Green carrot leaves also can be used as salad leaves. They are good roughage material and are very nutritive, containing protein, minerals and vitamins.

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